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Luxury 500

Everyone defines Luxury differently. Some people take for granted what others consider a luxury. This website will display goods and services which the majority of people clearly will accept to be luxurious. There are many categories of high-end products. It is our goal to inform our visitors about each and every one. Certainly this will not be possible from the start, but we will not stop improving till this goal is reached. After that we will continue to improve our service to those interested in affluent lifestyle products.


For some, a Watch for a few thousand dollars is a Luxury. At what price do luxury timepieces start? Rolex ist the most well know watch brand. Rolex watches are available within a large price span. Starting at about 6k Dollars to over 100k. Audemars Piguet Timepieces on the other side are hard to find below 20k. Then there are all the waiting lists for Rolex, AP and Patek Philippe. For some luxury watch models you have to wait up to 8 years, or pay a steep premium in the secondary (grey) watch market.

Private Yachts

A Yacht is definately a gadget for the rather wealthy person. We will soon provide informationabout the major yacht constructors. Furthermore you will find the latest news concirning this topic. But its not just about the initial price, but also the running costs. Anchoring Fees, Crew Costs, Fuel inefficiency, safety and much more.

Luxury Real Estates

Everyone has to live somewhere and if you happen to have more money than others it is likely that you prefer a more luxourious house than others. Certainly there are very good other websites specialised on this issue but our site would not be complete without a section about luxury homes.

Premium Services

Where to get the best services for your money? Well we will investigate the best service providers for you. You need a buttler, limosine or just a helicopter ride to the airport? No problem check out this section and you will find help.


An affluent life without jewelry would be like a sky without stars - simply dull. But do you have time to keep up with all brands and new collections? Do some window shopping on our site so you know what is out there and what you have to look for.

High End Cars

Certainly we can not neglect the cars. Its a great feeling to drive a beatifull powerfull car. Get an overview about whats out there and whats new on the market. We will try to be up to date with all the new developments.

Exquisit Fashion

Well you have to wear something, so why not wear something fancy and beatifull? Well most of you will be kinda up to date with new trends and everything. Still, we will provide an overview of all the fancy designers so you can get an easy overview of whats out there. Who knows maybe you find a incredible designer you did not know before. Especially interesting are the Made to Measure offers by major fashion brands. Not just custom made suits but all kinds of outfits.


You want to spend a little bit more on the gifts for your loved ones? If you know what you are looking for thats fine, if you don't than check out this section.

Private Jets

You think about getting your own jet but you always thing the information provided is not sufficient? If you want to get an overview about brands and services connected to private jets you should check this page.

Banking and Wealth Management

Are you wondering which Banks offer the best Wealth Management and what kind of premium Credit Cards are on the market? In this section you can learn about those things but also about other services that interest you.

Luxury Vacations

You need a break from your tough lifestyle? Wealthy individuals usually desire even more service and luxury than they require in their every day life. Do you want to know which places you should visite, which hotels you should trust and which tours are an absolute must if you want to have this special experience? Then check out the information we provide about Luxury Vacations.

The best is yet to come

There are many more categories to come. Please be patient.